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It's quite difficult to make the engagement level great on YouTube. Everyone knows that to improve the visibility of content, you need to have enough likes, comments and views, but that's not all. Another important indicator of engagement is dislikes. You may wonder what's good about negative reactions?

But it's really necessary, first of all, to make your content look as natural as possible. That's why many creators buy what they don't like - it's an opportunity to show that your video is really watched, and not everyone likes it.

Negative interactions are normal, but you need to understand how many pieces will not damage your reputation, but on the contrary will improve it. So, if you’ve 500 likes, we do not recommend buying 1000 dislikes at once, this will indicate a low quality of content. Start small: 10, 20 or 50 will be enough to create the right impression. 

By the way, you can get negative reactions not only for yourself, but also for competitors. In this case, it is better to choose more, several hundred or thousands of dislikes at once in order to worsen the rating of another creator.

This will look like a real nuisance and will bring a lot of problems to the blogger. But be careful; they may do the same to you in response if they realize that it was you who harmed the statistics. 

Do not rely entirely on discussions and advice on Reddit, there have often been deceptions and scams. Buy PR services only from trusted companies to avoid problems and not waste money. On Soclikes, you can buy any number of negative reactions both for yourself and for a competitor.

Our prices start from a little more than $1, for $1.49 we’ll deliver 20 real dislikes. By choosing larger packages, you can save from 25% to 314% and further invest them in other paid PR services. After paying for the selected pack, we’ll get to work. We’ve fast delivery - you’ll see for yourself when you see the first results in a couple of minutes after placing an order. 

You can scorch the selected service in any convenient way that is available in your country. We accept payment by credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. All these methods are absolutely confidential and secure, we won’t receive your personal data under any conditions.

 Buy YouTube dislikes instant-Soclikes

Buy YouTube dislikes instant

On our website you can purchase the required number of dislikes in the shortest possible period of time. Our managers work very quickly: immediately after confirming the payment, they pass all the information to specialists, and they begin to perform the necessary task.

Usually it takes about 2 minutes to deliver the first pieces, but many customers see them in a minute or even less. In some cases (a bunch of reactions or a lot of orders), delivery may take a little longer.

Before making a purchase, you can contact the manager in a chat or email to clarify the details and timing of receiving the order.

Buy YouTube dislikes cheap

Soclikes does everything to ensure that you can receive high-quality services at a pleasant price. Our specialists regularly monitor the market of PR services and, if necessary, make changes to the price list.

To date, the minimum package of dislikes (20 pieces) costs only $1.49, this amount is quite enough to understand the principle of the service or try a paid service for the first time.

Most of the prices on the site are already indicated with discounts, choosing us, you can save more than 300% of the advertising budget!

But that's not all - we’ve also developed a loyalty system and offer personalized discounts for regular and first-time customers.

Write to us in the chat to get a discount coupon if you’re making a purchase for the first time.

 Buy real YouTube dislikes

We don’t work using bots and fakes, this is contrary to the company's principles. Paid services should only benefit, so all dislikes purchased from Soclikes come from real users.

This means that they spend a lot of time online, watch videos, follow favorites, like and write comments.

You risk nothing by choosing us. Our services do not contradict the rules of hosting use, accordingly, the channel will not be blocked after a while.

How to buy dislikes on YouTube

Soclikes has done everything for your convenience. We’ve made the process of buying the necessary services as simple and understandable as possible.

Choose the number of reactions, fill out a short form (email and YouTube address) and pay in any available way.

Further work is up to us, we’ll start processing the order immediately after receipt of payment information.

If you have any questions or problems, you can always write to us in the chat, a personal manager will accompany you before and after the transaction, if necessary.

How to buy dislikes on YouTube-Soclikes

Can you buy dislikes on YouTube

Absolutely, you can. Moreover, it is very simple, cheap and understandable. Several packages are presented on Soclikes at once, you can choose any quantity from us: from 20 to 20,000, or choose a little more or less, we’re ready to deliver as much as you need.

Even if you need 1 million dislikes, this is not a problem for us. To place an order for a huge number of reactions, please email us or chat. Here you can clarify all the details, tell us about your wishes and find out the exact cost of services of an unusual pack. Managers work 24 hours and will respond to you in a matter of minutes.


  • When you buy dislikes for YouTube will the person know?

    No, the competitor won’t know that you bought negative reactions for him. We take care of confidentiality and do not disclose information about the purchase on third-party resources.

Why choose Soclikes?

Our website provides only genuine subscribers, who are active, real and able to show a positive impact on your account’s followers count and statistics all at the same time. We can deliver several promotional packages at once if you are in need of a complex promotion while keeping you safe and in the frames of your budget.

Momentarily delivery

We start processing your order as soon as you place it on the website. Usually it takes us less than 1 minute to start working on the order and less than 1 hour to finish the delivery itself. The average timing though depends on the size of the package that you have chosen to buy.

Exclusively genuine followers

Over time we have found ways to work with real social media users who are keen on working with us for nice rewards and bonuses. We never use “dead” pages or bots because we care about the safety of our clients and understand that only top-notch services are going to help them succeed at social media promotion.

The lowest prices

At the same time we understand that everybody wants to save a penny no matter what they are doing – and promoting a social media page is no exception to that rule. This is why we overlook the prices on our website from time to time and try to make them the lowest on the market, plus we often give away personal discounts.