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This Chinese platform might be a website of choice not only for the Asian influencers, but also for any language speaking content creators – as when you are trying to expand your horizons new people in a circle of potential followers are very valuable to acquire.

So, if you are bringing your content to Weibo and seek support, Soclikes can provide: we have packages of real subs of any size, starting from 100 and going up to 25k – so generally anyone with any needs and demands will be able to find something suitable in their particular case.

We also have a constantly working technical support and are always happy to assist you in creating a personalized package or a personalized discount. 

 Buy real Weibo followers-Soclikes

Buy real Weibo followers

Over the years of work we have understood several things and the main one of them is that using bots and fakes for our customers’ pages promo is not a necessary thing to do.

Soclikes works with real people only in order to provide our clients with highest quality services and to never pose a threat to their profile’s statistics – with our services by your side you can stay sure in upcoming results, including a drastic improvement of your stats and a positive change in your followers’ counter as well of course.

Plus, you can regulate how the promotion is going due to the wide variety of bundles we have: if you are just starting out and want followers to come in smaller portions you can easily organize that by taking on minimal sized bundles gradually, distributing them over time.

Buy cheap Weibo followers

Our prices are very reasonable and very low: for example, you can get 100 totally real subs for Weibo for just $4,9 – and remember, these are actual people, not bots or fakes!

All the bundles we have in this section are also currently on sale, which gives you a possibility to save from 96% to 483% off the standard pricing.

You can put saved money into a purchase of some other promotional services on our website or simply save them for a future promo campaign of yours.

 Buy cheap Weibo followers-Soclikes

How to buy Weibo followers

It’s very simple, done in three steps: filling the short form, paying for the order and then waiting for results to come. These won’t leave you waiting – first bought subs are going to come your way in several minutes, and the final delivery time is going to depend only on the size of the bundle you’ve chosen to buy.

If you have any questions or worries regarding your order you can always contact our managers in chat on the website, they are happy to provide support around the clock.

Why choose Soclikes?

Our website provides only genuine subscribers, who are active, real and able to show a positive impact on your account’s followers count and statistics all at the same time. We can deliver several promotional packages at once if you are in need of a complex promotion while keeping you safe and in the frames of your budget.

Momentarily delivery

We start processing your order as soon as you place it on the website. Usually it takes us less than 1 minute to start working on the order and less than 1 hour to finish the delivery itself. The average timing though depends on the size of the package that you have chosen to buy.

Exclusively genuine followers

Over time we have found ways to work with real social media users who are keen on working with us for nice rewards and bonuses. We never use “dead” pages or bots because we care about the safety of our clients and understand that only top-notch services are going to help them succeed at social media promotion.

The lowest prices

At the same time we understand that everybody wants to save a penny no matter what they are doing – and promoting a social media page is no exception to that rule. This is why we overlook the prices on our website from time to time and try to make them the lowest on the market, plus we often give away personal discounts.