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On Soclikes you get a truly unique opportunity to get organic followers on Instagram for a dollar that will work equally good for business or professional requirements and for personal needs. For less than $1.49 you can get 50 real subs, for $3, $5, $10 you get bulkier options with a discount on them even.

Isn’t that just exactly the thing that all content creators dream about? It truly is! We don’t use bots and we stand for only working with real people for real people, so thousands of our clients were and are able to thrive off what hey have bought from Soclikes exactly because of that principle. 

Our website is unigue, because we have an endless experience of working with people in 2020, 2021, 2022 when all social media platforms were headily changing.

We have quickly understood that what people truly want in this field is a lifetime guarantee of shown services and an opportunity to grow your business with a one time fee and guarded with refill. Well, that’s exactly what we’re giving! 

Our website has a crazy number of options available. So no matter what you want – a small amount of subs, like 50, 100, 150, 250, 300, 400, 600, 700, 900 to boost your page in the very beginning or as a gift for friends.

Generally speaking, you don’t even need reasons to get yourself some more subscribers. Nowadays everyone wants some, don’t they? 

Some bigger options are also there – 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4k, 5000, 9000, 7k (7000), 8k (800) or 10k (10000). We recommend getting those if your account has gotten to a certain point of popularity and now has some difficulties with going forward.

If your page has no subs, likes and views right now, go for smaller bundles, it will look more natural and won’t cause any questions. You can buy the same small pack several times and get the same results, remember? Cost is seriously going to amaze you, as almost each of these bundles are on discount right now. 

And “pro” packs are also available – 15k, 20k, 25000, 30000, 40k, 50000, 60k, 80k, 100k, 200k, 400k and even 1 million – which is a very large amount – can be bought from Soclikes either in a form of a premade bundle or by creating a personalized one with our managers. These are going to be quite bulk, but gradual in their delivery and incremental. 

On Soclikes you also don’t have to go VIP or premium to get targeted followers. We provide them from all possible countries, from European country specific ones, like Spanish, Romania, Albania, France, Scotland, Ireland, Norwegian, Sweden, Turkey, Dutch, Germany, Italian, Greece.

To South countries, like Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Arab (UAE), Morocco, Egypt, Brazil, in Ghana, Tanzania, Kuwait, Mexico, Lebanon, Qatar, Nepal, NZ, Zimbabwe. To eastern ones – Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Korean, Chinese, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and literally any other region worldwide.

The stripe of countries that we work with never ends, so no matter where you come from, we offer targeted subscribers that are real, female and male and of different ages. Keep that in mind while thinking which online promo company you should work with. 

We are progressive in our services and try to give all of our clients attractive options in how to pay for the order. If you don’t want to use your Visa debit card or MasterCard credit card, there are Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can also pay for your purchase with bitcoin or any other crypto coins.

It also doesn’t matter if you have Android or iOS, paying experience will go equally smoothly on both of these.  

 How to buy Instagram followers-Soclikes

How to buy Instagram followers

“How can I buy subs on Instagram, if I’m someone who doesn’t have any people following me at all right now?”

This shouldn’t be a question anymore as you have already found our website. Here you can purchase any number of subs you need despite any conditions your profile is in right now.

Do you need 50 subs or 100k? Not a question: pick a bundle that suits your needs, pay for the order and wait for results to come.

Buy real Instagram followers

We offer exquisitely real followers who are active and engaged in your profile’s life. Yes, this is true: our permanent subs will come to your page and might even leave you genuine likes and comments if they love your content enough.

It happens often because we provide high quality services and work with actual people to help you achieve all goals set. Quality is priority, so as to the safety and non drop aspect of each pack – if a number of subs somehow decreases over time (people tend to delete their pages on Insta, that’s just life), we refill them instantly. 

We provide subscribers that don’t unfollow, that have real human profiles, with faces, and that won’t unfollow you in the future. Thanks to such real looking followers our clients have been thriving off our promotional services with real accounts for years; and nothing has changed, we are still a no bots company that follows that principle strictly.

Our bundles are delivered with unfollow protection and with retention protection: we ship followers in a guaranteed amount and without losing them in the nearest future. That’s all thanks to the fact that we don’t use dead and fake pages.

Our subs with profile pics, with good names that look real and that stay forever – and if you would compare this authentic service to what other verified promotional companies offer you would be surprised at how low our proxies actually are. 

Let’s sum it up: if you are looking for a service that would deliver you real accounts that are also going to be interactive if they love your content enough, with original and realistic names and authentic looking pictures, Soclikes’ real profile subscribers are a service just for you. 

Buy Instagram followers cheap

We can vouch for Soclikes being the cheapest place to buy any number of super realistic Instagram followers for $1.49 even – that’s exactly the cost of our smallest bundle in this section.

We have tried for years to keep low price so that our clients would feel comfortable while buying anything from our website: when you come to Soclikes you really can take on cheap Instagram followers and then add something else to that purchase – and it will still be for cheap! 

Any bundle that is bigger than 50 subs gives a chance to save from 20% to 751% off the original price, which is already very cheap.

And the cheapest way to boost your profile with followers would be to also contact our managers and ask them for a personalized discount – there is a very big chance that you will be able to get it right now. How? Ask them in chat on our website!

 Buy Instagram followers cheap-Soclikes

Buy Instagram followers Australia

If you are in Australia and your profile needs support from exclusively Australian Instagram followers, we can provide.

Although we don’t have such targeted packages premade, our managers can create one for you if there is such a need – just hit them with a task in chat and ask how to organize such a promotion asap.

They are working around the clock and are always happy to get all of your problems covered.

Buy Instagram followers PayPal

We know that banking systems might get inconvenient from time to time, so we have made sure to add a chance to pay with PayPal on our website.

Using PayPal you can make your experience of paying for any online order way more comfortable, so don’t worry, we have an opportunity to pay via this option.

By choosing PayPal you can save money on commissions or fasten the process of making a purchase.

Buy Instagram followers India 

Indian Instagram followers are also available if this is the target audience that you need to boost your profile. We have had tons of clients who live in India and our managers were able to deliver them subscribers exclusively from India – no problems with targeting our services like that.

If there is such a need, contact our workers in chat and ask them to organize a personalized targeted pack just for you. They work around the clock and are able to fulfill any need in terms of social media promotion. 

 Best site to buy Instagram followers-Soclikes

Best site to buy Instagram followers

We can without a doubt state that Soclikes is the most reputable site to purchase Insta subs, because we have been trusted by our regular clients for more than 9 years now and we have an endless amount of experience with promoting social media pages on each existing platform.

Our company doesn’t use any special software and doesn’t exploit any unsafe way of promotion – all we do is work with real people to provide our customers with top notch service.

Our main source is a wide net of implementers who live all around the world and use all kinds of social media website daily.

With their help we are able to maintain our status of the best place to buy promotional services for many years now.

Can you buy Instagram followers

If the question you are worried about is “Can I buy Instagram followers that actually work?” you are on the right page.

We give our customers a rare chance to take on the highest quality services that still have a very low price – people who are yearning to promote their page will get why it is so priceless.

We are that someone who can give you a hand of help on boosting your profile even if you don’t have any bonds online and nobody to ask for promotion.

Our services will get you through that hard period and will show where you can go to get some help at any times.

Buy Instagram followers Canada

If you need Canadian Instagram followers to come to your page and support you, we can boost that process by offering you our paid followers who live in Canada.

As we work with actual people, your statistics will get immensely better as we will deliver the package to your page.

Although we don’t have targeted subscribers put forward in a form of premade packages on our website, you can always talk it over with our managers to make them start the targeted delivery asap.


Buy legit Instagram followers

Many people question whether they should buy followers or not because they think that this service might be unsafe for them.

Well, if you are choosing to work with Soclikes these worries can be left aside: we offer subscribers with a drop protection and without getting banned.

Our subscribers are legitimate and safe because we work with actual Insta users to provide our clients with highest quality followers.

We also don’t need no password and no login of yours, the only info we require is your IG page’s address and your email to send you updates about your order’s status.

Soclikes is a legit site to take on promotional services and we are proud to say that none of our clients have ever had problems with Instagram’s algorithms.

 Buy legit Instagram followers-Soclikes

Buy instant Instagram followers-Soclikes

Buy instant Instagram followers

Our managers deliver fast Instagram followers because we understand how important it is – to have an opportunity to instantly boost a newly uploaded publication.

Although we are the fastest way online to support an Instagram post, we also understand that instant delivery should however mimic the natural process of promotion to never cause any questions from the already existing audience.

So the fast delivery that we offer will vary in time: if you have ordered 500 subscribers, these might come to you in 10 minutes, but a bigger package with quick delivery will take a little bit longer than that. Seems logical, right?

You cannot say that a fast gain of dozens of thousands followers can happen in less than an hour for sure. This is why our quick delivery is quick, but still resembles how a profile would gain an audience naturally – gradually and over some time.


  • Where to buy Instagram followers?

    We would recommend you doing it on Soclikes, as our website has been here for clients for many years now and we can vouch for our services being one hundred percent genuine and efficient. We don’t use bots and work with real people only to help our customers achieve set goals and aims.

  • How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

    On Soclikes you can buy 50 Insta subs for just $1,49 – and the most important thing here is that each one of those is going to be real. All the other bulkier packages are on discount, giving you a possibility to save from 20% to 751% from the original price.

  • Should I buy Instagram followers?

    If you see that your page is lacking followers or you simply want to support your content – surely, why not? The only nuance is that you should purchase a proportionate to your current profile’s size number of subscribers; don't take on dozens of thousands if you have zero followers right now.

  • Do people buy followers on Instagram?

    We can bet that any popular blogger whom you see and adore right now has been buying followers at a certain point in time or is still doing it regularly. This is a legit, safe and highly efficient method of promotion.

  • Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

    Yes, it is totally safe. Instagram doesn’t have any limitations on using third party paid services.

  • Is it bad to buy Instagram followers?

    No, it is not. Buying followers is a commonly used promotional method that gives a lot of possibilities with little to no effort required from the side of the account’s owner, and is also safe and highly efficient.

  • How to know if someone buy followers on Instagram?

    Generally, there is no way to tell exactly that a person is buying subscribers; but if you see that the number has increased dramatically over a span of several minutes and lots of those accounts are bot looking, then you can suppose that a person has bought subs. To never fall under such suspicions, make sure to organize your bought promo the right way.

  • What happens when you buy Instagram followers?

    When you purchase quality Insta followers not only your counter of them changes, but there is also a vast improvement in your statistics. Instagram detects activity and starts showing your content to potentially interested people more.

  • Is it possible to buy followers on Instagram?

    Yes, it is totally possible to purchase subs on IG. For that go to Soclikes and check out the following section. We have a wide range of packages with options for people with very different aims.

  • Is it sketchy when Instagram wants you to buy followers?

    Instagram cannot want you to buy followers – the only thing that depends on the number of subs you have is statistics of your profile. And yes, it is true that the more subs you have and the more views and likes you have, the more often your content is going to get recommended by algorithms to others.

  • Is there a way to buy real Instagram followers?

    Yes, for that you should go to Soclikes and check the following section. We have many packages available, including different numbers of 100% genuine and authentic followers who are actual people, not bots or fake pages.

  • Is it against Instagram rules to buy followers?

    No, it is not. Insta has no limitations or prohibitions about purchasing followers, likes, views, etc from third party services.

  • Can Instagram tell if you buy followers?

    No, IG cannot tell exactly if you buy followers, but if you would purchase low quality subscribers that are bots it can detect suspicious activity and put you into the shadow ban. To prevent that, attain high quality followers from Soclikes, as we never use fake pages to promote our customers social media profiles.

  • When you buy Instagram followers how long does it take?

    On Soclikes first bought subscribers are going to appear on your page in several minutes after you place the order on our website. The final delivery time may vary, depending only on the size of the pack you have chosen for your profile’s promotion.

  • Is buy Instagram followers legit?

    Yes, it’s totally legit, has high efficacy and is safe. However, we wouldn’t recommend you to settle for the lower quality services than you can find on Soclikes.

  • If I buy Instagram followers will they show up on the following?

    Yes, if you buy let’s say 100 followers, your profile’s subs counter is going to change +100 as soon as those get delivered.

  • Is there a way to know if people buy followers on Instagram?

    No, there is no way to know if somebody has bought subs on Instagram. You can suppose that, but there will be no exact confirmation for that.

  • Is it valuable to buy Instagram followers?

    Yes, it might become a very valuable tool on your way towards popularity on Insta: the only nuance you have to keep in mind is that you need exquisitely real followers that are actual people, not bots or fakes.

  • Is there a benefit to buy followers on Instagram?

    There surely are many benefits in purchasing followers on Instagram: the main one being having to spend no time or effort on attracting new subscribers for your profile’s audience expansion.

  • If you buy followers on Instagram how do you reverse it?

    If you feel like you want to “shrink” your audience, you can simply unsubscribe a certain number of people from your page by hand. No other way to reverse the purchase is available.

  • How to tell if people buy Instagram followers?

    There is no way to tell if people have bought Insta subs; however, if you see that somebody’s page has been invaded by bots and because of that their counter has changed dramatically, you can suppose that they have purchased low quality promo service.

  • Can Instagram delete my account if I buy followers?

    No, it cannot. But if you buy low quality followers that come from bots and fakes you can get into the shadow ban, where your content will be shown way less to potentially interested people.

Why choose Soclikes?

Our website provides only genuine subscribers, who are active, real and able to show a positive impact on your account’s followers count and statistics all at the same time. We can deliver several promotional packages at once if you are in need of a complex promotion while keeping you safe and in the frames of your budget.

Momentarily delivery

We start processing your order as soon as you place it on the website. Usually it takes us less than 1 minute to start working on the order and less than 1 hour to finish the delivery itself. The average timing though depends on the size of the package that you have chosen to buy.

Exclusively genuine followers

Over time we have found ways to work with real social media users who are keen on working with us for nice rewards and bonuses. We never use “dead” pages or bots because we care about the safety of our clients and understand that only top-notch services are going to help them succeed at social media promotion.

The lowest prices

At the same time we understand that everybody wants to save a penny no matter what they are doing – and promoting a social media page is no exception to that rule. This is why we overlook the prices on our website from time to time and try to make them the lowest on the market, plus we often give away personal discounts.