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Tiktok Music Promotion

Tiktok Music Promotion

Boost Your Song to millions of people arround the world via our TikTok Bloggers.

Your Music track will guarranty get 1 million views for each order, with help our partnres - big Tiktokers with 4m+ Followers and we will bost your song in one day. If the video don’t gain 1 million, blogger will make new video for free.

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Tiktok Music Promotion
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Boost Your Song to millions of people around the world via our TikTok Bloggers.

TikTok is a great place to make your song popular, and we would be more than happy to help. We have partners with big Tiktokers with 4m+ Followers, and we will boost your song in one day.

What does our service include?

We will post a TikTok video on our blogger’s account using your song.

It will be permanently posted, therefore it will continue to get new views for a long time and it never is deleted.

We can guaranty 1 million views for each order, if the video doesn’t gain 1 million, the blogger will make new — for free.

What type of videos does Blogger post?

His usual type of content includes lip-syncing, TikTok dances, and challenges/current trends, and funny videos.

We are open to your suggestions and input for ideas, but it is important to us that we can still post videos that we know fit blogger followers.

We do not post pre-made videos or other people’s content.

What information do I need from you?

  1. Please make sure your song is on TikTok already

  2. Name of your song and the artist

  3. If your song is hard rock, religious, explicit, or political protest please contact us first so that we can check if I'm able to make a video to it.

Suggestions — once I've posted the TikTok I cannot modify it.

Here some screens for bloggers’ statistics.