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Music Radio Promotion/Plugging more then 35000 Official Radio WorldWide

Your track needs to be reviewed previously. We will send it to 35k radio stations owners 4 Weeks Campaign. You will get detailed report with all who is download your track, feedbacks and interview requests.

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Music Radio Promotion
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Promotion plan

1) Send us your track/tracks what you want to plugg on radio and outlets worldwide, send some info about the artist (your social links, your website and etc.)

2) Wait for A&R approval
Our A&R department will listen to your music to determine whether it is suitable for airplay.

After approval you can pay for plugging and set your plugging date. As soon as the plugging date is reached, your release will be SENT OUT to all radio stations that want to receive the genres of your release.

Immediately after plugging, you have real-time insight in which radio station from which country has downloaded your release for airplay. Additionally you can receive feedback and interview requests from radio stations

Why promotion at music radio from Soclikes is the best option you could take on in terms of radio promo?

  • Soclikes workers offer decent consultation about promotion at music stations or any other option that you’re willing to buy: our managers will lead you through the process of setting a decent PR. Promotion at music radio is one of the basic and essential services to get and set for your music, which is why we highly recommend to talk this over with our workers first.

  • We do everything to make our clients comfortable – from consultations to offering good discounts, which will make promotion at musical stations even cheaper than it already is on our website. Soclikes sets sales on different sections pretty frequently, which is why we would highly recommend you to check all the sections before forming your order of promotion at music radio – you’ll definitely find something as useful and efficient as already chosen pack in promotion at musical radio section.

  • Promotion at music radio is delivered to you following all the rules of the registration, and result is going to be great. Your track will be provided with decent promo on versatile radio stations, which is essential towards becoming popular and known as a music artist. Radio is really the thing that makes music of versatile genres heard all around the world – there’s no better promotion than boost your tracks on the radio and add it up with development on musical social media websites as well.

Promotion at music radio: why do you need it to decently develop in music industry?

Promotion at music radio is essential to get music spread around different music platforms evenly – you could simply upload your tracks on different websites and wait for results, isn’t that just this simple? Unfortunately, it’s not: to have your tracks played on the radio, you have to go through a certain process which will give you the right to spread your music amongst different radio stations. It will help you to have your tracks spread all around the world via versatile stations, which is probably the main way to promote tracks and albums nowadays.

While going through the promotion at music radio, your tracks get featured on the radio, which is one of the main resources for gaining popularity all over the world. There are lots of companies that offer promotion on musical radio, but only few of them do it decently. Fortunately, Soclikes offers great services which will provide you with real promotion. We have our own system that doesn’t include any bot machinery and provides only actual and decent paid PR services.

Promotion at musical radio can actually help you with development on any other musical platform: combining promotion at music radio with other paid services of ours can really boost your music PR. Promotion is available no matter what’s your format and genre, this option will have you going up the ratings in different countries, gaining thousands of new listeners every day.

So now you know that to get promotion at music radio you don’t have to spend time and try to organize things yourself - paid promotion on music radio service can do all the things for you and your music. Soclikes offers support, consultation and great quality services – you don’t have to keep on looking for alternative ways to get promotion at music radio, it’s already here and waiting for you to form the order.